Put some RESPECT on that name

Thursday, May 30, 2019 10:26 PM

She is one of the most awarded female artists in history according to Guinness World Records.   

She had seven consecutive number-one singles and sold over 200 million records worldwide during her thirty-five year career.

Music.  Movies.  Reality Shows.  Fame.  Fortune.  Legend.   Mother. 

Inspiration to several generations.   

I am referring to Whitney Houston but to fellow actor/singer Jussie Smollett... Whitney is a joke.  


The “Empire” star has seen plenty of headlines this year with many people suspecting Smollett of engineering a fake hate crime to boost his career – but that is a story for another time.  


TheSmokingGun.com recently posted one of his police reports that included a break down of Smollett’s text messages.   It seems he was trying to score some cocaine (and other drugs) from his dealer and his slang word for cocaine is ……”WHITNEY”.


Now admittedly, I am not up on all my drug terms, like maybe I should be.     

Coke      Blow      Snow     Columbian Bam-Bam      Booger Sugar     Yeyo      Baseball               Candy

Dust       White    Toot       Bump    Flake     Line        Rail         Stash     Cola       Blanca   Icing       Snowcones


…..and this jerk picks “Whitney”.     For those that don’t know – it is widely reported in Whitney Houston’s autopsy that she had cocaine (and other drugs) in her system when she drowned in a Beverly Hills hotel.  

Forget she was a superstar.   She was someone’s mother and she drowned.  

Ok, maybe he didn't exactly "name" it.  Maybe he is just repeating something that was told to him by his uber-cool drug dealer.  
My issue is - you are an actor.   A singer.  A performer.   In your entire life you would only hope to reach the level of success that Whitney Houston had in her career.    You even play on a show about the music industry -   and you find yourself so comfortable drawing the correlation:  Good Cocaine=Whitney.

It's rude.  It's thoughtless.  

I wonder if the slang term for cocaine was "Janet Smollett"  (his mother's name) might he be so comfortable throwing the term around?  

I also wonder - in the future - if "Smollett" became slang for "Fake Racial Hate Crime" as some police investigators in Chicago still maintain….might he choose to own that slang term himself?…..but I digress.