NEW COKE back from the DEAD

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 10:18 PM

The year is 1985.  There is a HUGE cola wars going on.    Thanks to the success of a clever marketing campaign...featuring a certain King Of Pop... America is fastly becoming the “Pepsi Generation”.  If you are Coca-Cola you are in a panic.  You are seeing your reign as the "top pop" slipping away.   You gotta do something.   FAST.  

The result is something drastic.   Coca-Cola decided to dump its world famous formula for something closer to the competition…. so Coca-Cola makes a major announcement that “NEW” COKE is the future.

The BACKLASH was as fast, angry, and ruthless as anyone could imagine.   The media went NUTS and caused a widespread panic in the streets with people rushing to the stores to buy up all the old stock before it disappeared forever.  

Coke heard the panic of the masses and within 3 months, “Classic” Coke was on its way back to the shelves forever.  New Coke was an absolute JOKE among the soda-making community and a lesson in what NOT to do.   It was an EPIC FAILURE.  

Except it wasn’t.   At all.  

Any quick search of the internet will return all these hateful articles, comments, and jibba-jabba about how stupid it was and how the cola sucked.  

Except it didnt.   Not at all.  

The reality is……New Coke kicked ass.  It kicked Pepsi’s ass.  It even kicked “Classic” Coke’s ass in a slew of blind taste tests. 

Yeah.  You read that right.   For 30 years the media and word of mouth has convinced you that New Coke was the worst cola on Earth…even though most people complaining about it still….never had one sip.  Blind taste-testers were pissed to discover that they themselves actually PREFERRED the new product to the old one.    But they couldn’t get their heads around the fact that they picked New Coke to Classic.  They figured they had been tricked or something. 

Here is some more knowledge for ya-  Despite being embarassed and shamed - New Coke (it would be renamed Coke II) went on to do well inside and outside America until around 2002.  That’s almost a solid twenty year run.   Pretty good for something that “sucks” and was a “failure”.  Their mistake was to introduce NEW Coke as a REPLACEMENT.  Had it simply been introduced as a “sister-soda” there wouldn’t have been any controversy at all.   Look at the soda market today and EVERY company has side projects going on.   New Coke was truly ahead of its time.  They just didn’t know it then.  

Flash forward to 052319 -  The day it comes back from the dead.  Thanks to it being a huge part of Stranger Things season 3, Coca-cola has decided to have some fun and bring it back on a limited edition basis to coincide with the show.  

Of course it was an unnecessary stumble back in 1985, but in 2019 it’s bloody GENIUS.  To have such a sense of humor about it…along with the balls to take a risk is worth my money.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it as soon as possible.  Viva La New Coke.