Cobra Kai Season III is a GO!

Friday, May 10, 2019 9:39 PM

I am SO AMPED!   The YouTube series COBRA KAI will return for a season THREE!!!   So many possiblities and storylines to follow-up on.    2020 can not get here fast enough.  

If you are unfamiliar, Cobra Kai picks up where the Karate Kid left off…..37 years later.    It sounded stupid and I talked so much trash about this….until I saw season one.    I was blown away by the production value, the acting, the storyline of a movie that is considered by so many to be SO OLD and almost forgotten.     They…we…were all wrong.   There is still plenty left in the tank.  The original actors still have fantastic chemistry and they chewed up every scene.   The show is very well done.   I can’t speak highly enough of it.  Season one was the best thing I had seen in 2018.  

Season two was very good….but a slight step backwards in terms of development of the main characters.  There was WAY too much time spent on the “B” stories and the comedy moments (I’m looking at you Stingray)so in a show with a limited amount of episodes and 15 main characters - things got super-crowded-super-fast.  

I realize this is a show about two generations and their issues…but honestly I don’t care about the younger group hardly at all.   They don’t have the chemistry that the two older leads have…and it shows.  There just wasn’t enough screen time to cover all the ground in a satisfactory way.  STILL very very enjoyable - especially the wild in-your-face showdown at school.   wowza.  

Honestly I was MORE excited about seeing Cobra Kai series two than Avengers:  Endgame (they came out the same weekend).  Yeah…I just said that.   Out loud and I still stand by that statement.  I was more enterained by Cobra Kai II.  Avengers Endgame was just boring. (get at me)

The ending of season two also sets up some very nice threads for a possible…and now confirmed season three.   The final shot tells us that even MORE characters are going to show up in season three….and here is hoping we get the focus pulled back to the original characters in-depth like we did in season one.